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uMivers offers you a series of glass sculpture you can carry. This series consists of three-dimensional simple geometrical jewelleries, and these pieces delight us with their optical effect of reflection of the glass.


uMivers transforms several types of sheet glasses : drawn glass invented in France in the 18th century, float glss invented in the 1950s in the Great Britain and blown glass by French artisans for stained glasses originated in the Ile-de- France region in the Middle Ages. The pattern of the blown glass is never the same pattern, each sheet glass is unique one.


The collection is prepared in the Atelier of Paris. Cutting, shaping, assembling by collage, all processes are done manually. To paste two glass sheets, we use a glue which becomes hard with ultraviolet (UV) rays. Two sheets of glass are adhered under the ultraviolet lamp with this glue. The collage to UV is very strong. Invented in the 1980s, used even in the construction site, this glue enables two solid and perfectly flat surfaces to be powerfully adhered. UV gluing glass spread through the emergence of the float glass whose surface is perfectly flat.

The glass exist since 4000 BC. I chose these materials of the 20th century because the new material can reveal new value of glass. In this way the new glass jewelry is born.


Kimura studied fashion, sculpture and product design in Japan and Italy. Her fascination with glass prompted her move to Paris. She was deeply inspired by contemporary glass art in Europe, and this encounter encouraged the direction of her three-dimensional, geometrical glass art constructions. Kimura lives and works in Paris where she creates stunning glass objects.

In 2018, Kimura launched her original brand of glass jewelry “uMivers” to share the beauty and the enjoyment of geometrical shape in glass.